Kilim Inspired Painted Faux Pumpkins

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Labor day, the official first day of Fall for many. For this month’s “The Global Styler” series, we are tackling Fall’s favorite decor: Pumpkins. Because you can paint them, stick pins and studs and flowers and more in them, tie things around them, cut them and goodness the possibilities are endless if you pop in to Pinterest. Today my pals and I wanted to bring you our global style takes on pumpkin decorating. Here, you’ll find inspiration for painting pumpkins with a kilim inspired design.

I started the process by searching for kilim patterns. I found this image and took my inspiration from a shape in the far lower right corner.

The pumpkins I’m using are faux pumpkins that I gave an aged pottery barn esque kind of look several years ago. But the pattern would be equally fabulous on orange, white, black, green, red live and faux pumpkins. Always get creative!

The paints I’m using are:


  •  Apple Barrel 2603 Burgundy
  •  Apple Barrel 2608 Country Tan
  • Apple Barrel 20405 Antique White
  •  Folkart Shiny 2703 Pure Orange
  •  Martha Stewart Crafts Satin 33021 Blue Sky

And I’m using an angled paint brush – Plaid 1/2″ angle 44277 Plaid

It’ll be difficult to keep straight lines and to get crisp corners but it’s hard to see the imperfections when everything is pulled together.

I started with the larger diamond shape (Apple Barrel 2603 Burgundy). Then mixed two paints to create the center diamond (Apple Barrel 2603 Burgundy + Apple Barrel 2608 Country Tan).

I then went back to the outer diamond and painted out the lines off the diamond. Then the blue triangular shapes (Martha Stewart Crafts Satin 33021 Blue Sky). And finally the orange rectangles (Apple Barrel 2608 Country Tan + Apple Barrel 20405 Antique White + Folkart Shiny 2703 Pure Orange).

Kilim Inspired Pumpkin Painted Design

I tried playing with a bit of green on the flatter pumpkin but it turned out too light so you can’t really tell this but I tried to make it a goofy jack’o’lantern face but I think I’ll be painting over it.

Global Boho Style: Painted Pumpkins Kilim Style via ADesignerAtHome

If you’re not ready to tackle this idea, you can save it to an idea board on Pinterest.

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Kilim Inspired Hand Painted Pumpkin Tutorial by ADesignerAtHome Global Style Autumn Decor

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