Bohemian Stocking Stuffer Ideas

If you’ve got a bohemian in your life, you know that their interests are off the beaten track. And while each bohemian is going to have their own unique tastes and preferences, this list is going to be a perfect starting point. This time of year is all about being selfless and thinking of others. […]

Great Gifts For 5 Year Olds

We are at a really special time in our son’s life for the holidays. He’s five years old and has tons of personality and developed interests. It’s making it a lot of fun and at the same time tough deciding what to get him for Christmas. Getting to know him, I’ve found that giving him […]

My Home Style: Whimsical Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can tell you an awful lot about a person. And mine will tell you that I’m a little kooky and all over the place. But there’s definitely an underlying theme to the tree and here are the words I use to describe it global, bohemian and whimsical. I’ll show you some closer […]

Boho Style Winter Eclectic Home Tour

Hello and welcome to my 2017 bohemian Christmas home tour. My holiday decorating style involves a lot of using what I’ve used in previous year, budget additions, thrift finds, and lots of color. It’s really an interesting mash between traditional Christmas decor and whimsical. But the Gemini in me just won’t let it be one […]

Colorfully Eclectic Holiday Mantel

It’s always a fun this time of year getting to switch up the mantel decor. The theme is just so completely different to anything I’d do any other time of the year since I really only ever pull out glam for Christmas. Not that this is remotely glam, but it is in comparison to what […]

DIY Mudcloth Stockings

I love indigo African mudcloth and I think it’s a fantastic compliment to the boho aesthetic. It’s become my favorite fabric material for table runners, pencil pouches and now stockings. I love that I’ve been able to find a way to work this textile into my holiday decorating. These mud cloth stockings look really cool […]

DIY Handira, Evil Eye and Felt Tassel Ornaments

Hello and welcome to the kick off of Christmas week here at A Designer At Home! Today I have a 3 in 1 Christmas ornament tutorial that’s all about bringing in global style for the holidays. The tutorials start easy, then go to medium difficulty, and then a level hard DIY. I was inspired by […]

Budget Botanical Gift Wrap Idea

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is gift wrapping. I love finding unique ways to use materials and really going all out with my choices in gift wrap, bows, ribbon, etc. The past few years, I haven’t been very inspired, but this year inspiration struck. With a quick trip to the dollar […]

Where To Buy Fair Trade Home Decor

Every time I start to think about shopping for something, I always start looking at the main shopping sites and I always look for the best deal. But what is the sacrifice of buying something at the lowest cost possible? I’m already quite aware of the existence of slave labor and how companies do whatever […]

Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide

As we are rushing to get the best possible gifts for our loved ones, I wanted to bring a little attention to shopping small businesses. Small businesses are makers and hunters, finding and creating the best goods for us and our homes. I have set out to share the most diverse selection of shops I […]