Colorful Boho Kid’s Room Plans

My son is 5 years old now. His bedroom is the first space I worked on after buying our home and it hasn’t been touched since. Kids grow and evolve fast and it doesn’t take them long to begin having an opinion on their spaces. I’ve been lucky enough to have a sweet child who […]

Everything keeps going wrong. Always.

A couple nights ago, I slept on the floor. I had watched a youtube video about a minimalist family that slept on the floor. a few days prior to that. But that’s not why I slept on the floor. My son’s room is completely gutted right now as I’m painting and refinishing the floors before […]

12 totally unique DIY halloween decorations

Halloween can get pretty repetitive with the orange, green and black. The classic decorations come back every year. But Halloween decorating can be so much more creative than that! From themes to unique DIY Halloween decorations, here are five ways you can break free from the usual decorating mold and have something truly unique: 12 DIY […]

Free Halloween Printables

I created something for you guys and I hope you take advantage of them. They are free and witty and pretty cute. Every so often I like to sit down and create a free printable or two for the people who take the time out of their lives to let me into their world. I […]

My Eclectic Halloween Fireplace Mantel

While we’re still spending our afternoon’s at the beach, our mornings and evenings are crisp. Fall is always a bit weird in our part of Virginia. In fact, I have frustrating memories of being a child and having to cover my Halloween costume up with a coat because just a few days before it was […]

Hosting, Serving, Gifting… The Guide To It All

While the World Market 30% off sale is going on, I wanted to sit down and share a few more ways you can utilize the sale to save cash through the holidays. Before you know it, Thanksgiving dinner will be planned and eaten and it’ll be Christmas morning. I know, I know- it’s not even […]

Everything You Need From World Market

It’s time for the World Market Friends and Family 30% off sale and we. are. stoked. Unless you’ve had a cart ready to go for this amazing sale, going onto the site can be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you buy? Well, I’ve taken the time to source out some of […]

Modern Scandi-Boho Fall Wreath

Anyone else feeling the classic crispness in the air that is so quintessential of Fall? We’ve got it in the mornings and evenings but every now and then, we get a bit of it in a breeze during the day. It’s Fall y’all! And with Fall comes pumpkins and crunchy leaves and wreaths for greeting […]

Instagram Fall Photo A Day Feedback

We’ve finished our 30 days of photos for the #showmeyourboho photo a day challenge. This challenge was focused on the change in seasons. We welcomed daily guest hosts for the first time and continued with daily features. Below are a few questions about the challenge. Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Our September Photo A Day […]

Storage Solutions: Ideas for using a set of Baskets

Storage needs fluctuate throughout the seasons. We always need storage, but maybe what we are storing is different today than what we will be storing in 6 months. We are entering the cooler months of the year and that means winter wear, extra blankets, visitors and a lot more indoor play (toys, toys and more […]