How to decorate with tapestries

I love decorating for cheap. And one of my best friend’s in accomplishing that is by using tapestries. They add a dash of color, pattern and hippie vibes. They’re pretty great. And they’re nearly always under $15.

Nowadays you can find them in more than the tree of life and mandala prints that have been around for ages. Did you know they even have metallic print tapestries? I was skeptical and the curiosity got the best of me so I ordered and shazam, they sparkle.

You can totally use tapestries to decorate your space even if you have a more “refined” design style. I’ve brought together a couple examples in my own home and a few of my friend’s below.

Here Are Some Easy To Implement Ways To Decorate With Tapestries:

Tapestries As Curtains:

My Budget Boho Window Curtains- Bohemian window treatments @adesignerathome

Tapestries As Wall Art:

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Tapestries As Tablecloths:

Tapestries As Bed Covers:

Tapestries As Headboards:

Tapestries As Seating Covers:

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And then, because the fabric is so dang inexpensive, you can use it to make pillows and fitted cushions and anything else you’d make with fabric. I really just like leaving them in tact and draping them over everything. But that’s just one more way I’m lazy about things 😉

Be well and happy decorating my friends!


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      Colby’s bedroom always makes me swoon. That gorgeous textiles paired with that vibrant tapestry are truly unique!