Aşkım Canım Tatlım Turkish Valentine Printable

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year we are obligated to share our affections for those we care for. And I’m down with that! I wanted to blend my adoration for Turkish culture with a little Valentine themed printable for my favorite people! These would be especially darling on nightstands in a bedroom, or you can print them to be used as unique valentines. I blended a little jungle feel with a muted coral- My favorite combination!

the more you know

Aşkim = My Love/Darling

Canim = My Dear

Tatlim = Sweetie

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Greenery-Jungle-my-love-aşkım-free-valentines-printable Greenery-Jungle-my-love-canim-free-valentines-printable Greenery-Jungle-my-love-tatlim-free-valentines-printable

I hope you enjoy these as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them. Be well!

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