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What To Decorate With For Boho Style

For years now I’ve come back to using the same types of items to decorate spaces. They’re a harmonious combination of items that look good in every space. They’re my favorites and I think it would be helpful to give you a list of those favorites in case you’re struggling with decorating, or you’re just […]

Lots of texture and pattern and color in this bedroom

My Vintage, Global Bohemian Home Style Mix

Not one person’s home is truly just one style. Right? Besides spaces specifically designed to emulate a specific -esign style, there are influences from other styles in all of our spaces. My home encompasses inspiration from multiple vintage eras, many different areas around the world and it all falls under the very loose bohemian style. […]

Hanging Decorative Tiles The Stress Free Way

Displaying decorative tiles in your home is just one more way you can add color, texture, pattern and interest. Many of us immediately equate tiles with a permanent fixture though. And that’s really not the case. You can display them as decor much like you would plates or baskets. Especially intricate, handcrafted tiles. Simply hanging […]


My Husband & My Vegan & Cruelty Free Ulta Haul

I try to lead a cruelty free, eco-friendly home. And that means I spend some time researching brands and ingredients to see if they will work for us. If you’re new here, There’s myself (27), my husband (28) and our son (5). My husband has psoriasis but otherwise normal skin with breakouts on his back. […]

Mother's Day Boho Style: Bohemian Mom Gift Guide 2017

What To Buy That Boho Mother

Every May, the family starts taking their best guesses at what mom wants, or bugs her until she answers. The classic drugstore picks are there. But we can all do better than that. Being a bohemian mom myself, and having a boho mom, I have a pretty good idea of what you should buy that boho […]

Caribbean Style

Turkish Jewelry Inspired Wood Bead Garland DIY

A big part of making decorating decisions for me is to take inspiration from some of my favorite places in the world. You know I love middle eastern, Asian and South American style decor. So when the theme for this month’s The Global Styler series was announced as, “My World’s Favorite Place,” I was stoked. […]

Getting shadowbanned and how I figured out how to remove the shadow ban

How I fixed my Shadowban on Instagram

It’s been ages since we’ve chatted. And because of that it feels super weird to jump back in with my thoughts on the Instagram shadowban since that’s not what I normally chat about here. But, I’ve been seeing everyone freaking about it. Wondering if they’ve been shadow banned. Theorizing why engagement is down and how […]


Statement Bathroom Decor: Lanai Mirror

Statement Mirrors. We put them in every room of those house. Statement mirrors are popularly used above buffets, behind sofas, over dressers and fireplace mantles. But one place I don’t often see a statement mirror is in the bathroom. And I find that fascinatingly odd because the mirror is the one and only necessary art […]


Epic Etsy Find: Encapsulated Flower Crystals

The next discovery in my “Epic Etsy Finds & The Shops Behind Them” series is a a wonderfully whimsical one. Handmade encapsulated tumbled crystals and dried flowers are set in a resin mold shaped like various sized crystals. They’re lightweight and curiously interesting to look at. Love by my friends and family so far, it’s […]

Decorating Bohemian: Spring 2017 Favorite Pillows and Throws

Boho Decor: Spring Pillows And Throws

Happy Spring! It’s the time to enjoy the warmer days, cool breeezes, spring showers and fresh flowers! And with those seasonal changes, we need to freshen up our interiors. There’s no longer a need for heavy throw blankets and cozy throw pillows. We can use lighter fabrics and brighter patterns to fit in line with […]

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Mirror was taken from another room, lumber is for a DIY console table to add weight and warmth to the end of the hallway.

$100 Room Makeover Challenge

My update is coming at you kind of late because I keep running into road blocks and creative indecision with the space. I started with such a clear vision and now that we’re nearing the end I’m having decision remorse. I’ve never constrained myself to a budget before. I’m actually struggling. What have I actually […]

Spring Decorating: Bohemian Mantel

Bohemian Spring Mantel

It’s doesn’t feel or look like we’re nearing the end of Winter and are transitioning into greeting Spring, but alas, it is that time of year! Spring decorating means a lot of things to a lot of people. For some that has an Easter flair to it, for others it’s all about the floral. Whatever […]

Similar Blue Bedspread

Boho-ifying A Hand Me Down Sofa

Last weekend I was gifted a small sofa. It’s one of those loveseat style fold out sofas that turn into a bed. It’s a light denim fabric and a style of sofa I wouldn’t ever buy for myself but a free sofa when you’ve got a spot begging for one is a given. Take it! […]


$100 Room Makeover Challenge

Well, hello there! It’s the first check in for the $100 room makeover challenge. Taking on a budget design for any space can be a challenge. Especially considering a gallon of paint generally starts in the mid $20 range. It’s an exercise in creativity. Finding ways of working with what you’ve already got on hand […]

Using The Trend: Greenery. Globally inspired jungalicious home decor DIY- Faux Bone Inlay Picture Frame tutorial

The Global Styler: Indian Inlay Inspired Picture Frame DIY

Welcome to another edition of “The Global Styler” where your hosts created or share tips inspired by global designs. This month we’re tackling greenery. Trending with the jungalicious movement, the color and lifestyle are vibrant, lively and perfect for my boho love. Green: Pantone’s color of the year, in line with St. Patrick’s Day this […]

Dramatic Wall Art a creative way to make more of a basic frame. Global inspired hand painted shape accenting a digital canvas from @meural

Dramatic Digital Frame: Meural

Meural provided product for this post. An affiliate link is contained within this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. Digital picture frames. All our grandma’s had them to display pictures of all the grandkids, right? Well, a company called Meural reached out to me wanting to send me one of their […]


Hallway Update Inspiration

So I told you guys a while back that I had been working on some updates to the hallway I’d made over for the New Year New Room Refresh Challenge last year and everything kept getting put aside and half done. Now, today, the $100 Room Makeover Challenge starts and I’m pumped. This is the […]

Mediterranean Influenced Bohemian Bathroom Remodel

I’m officially calling this space complete. I’ll have photos of the space ASAP! My phone and camera are both busted. Come back soon for the reveal! Tile The tile on the wall of our tub goes all the way up to the ceiling because I just love that look. It’s inspired by tiles and shapes […]


eef&tsbt: Modern Boho Art Prints

To add a retro art deco feel to your bohemian home, an easy art solution is modern style art prints. I first discovered these prints through Instagram. A few of my friends had shared styled photos with the MotivatedArt prints and I was hooked on the hip vibe they have. I’ve played around with 4 […]

Vintage Bohemian Bathroom: All about the floor choices

How I Organize My Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is a lot of fun. But when the process is over and you’re actually living in it, that’s when you truly discover what kinds of things make your bathroom work for you. For me, discovering our best storage and organizational needs took some time. I teetered back and forth on some solutions […]