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How To: Add Color Without Paint

There are a lot of aesthetics that use color to bring out the desired vibe in a space. But for renters and those who find it difficult to commit to decor, paint isn’t really the best of options to consider when wanting to add color to a space. Whether you want to add a small […]

Boho Flower Crown Stag Printable

Back To Blogging

I’m alive! You guys. I don’t think there’s any true way to explain the joy I feel sitting here blogging from an actual working computer. I have been so intermittent and outright MIA most of this past year. Before the holidays, my laptop took a fall that destroyed the entire screen. We simply didn’t have […]

African mudcloth Pencil Pouch Tutorial- no sew DIY

African Mudcloth Pencil Pouch Tutorial

Helloooo August and Eeeek it’s almost time for school! One thing you won’t have to worry about this back to school season is going in with chic global style back to school accessories. Because myself and the other gals behind The Global Styler are bringing you 4 different DIYs to bring that global style vibe […]

suzani pillow

Swooning For Suzani

I think it’s safe to say that my all time favorite fabric is suzani. The embroidered details and endless color combinations make my inner queen gleam! To bring in a little of this global detail into your home, explore some of these ideas for decorating with the textile: Dress up your bed in suzani style. […]

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Essential Oil Diffusers Under $50

Essential oils are popular nowadays for a lot of really good reasons. One thing I don’t see discussed an awful lot though is doing aromatherapy on a budget. For most essential oil users, a diffuser is necessary. But don’t be fooled! You don’t need to invest $100+ into one of these little machines. In fact, […]

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Sophisticated Boho Jewlery

We bohemians get our energy from adorning ourselves and our surroundings. Creating spaces, vignettes and outfits full of color, texture and stories. Channeling energies from within ourselves and from the world around us. Jewelry can play a big part in these daily rituals. Below I’ve gathered earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets for all occasions. All […]

dr bronners

Earth Friendly, Cruelty Free Laundry Cleaners

  Stain Remover | Stain Remover | Fabric Softener Hemp Unscented | Lavender | Eucalyptus | Baby Unscented Ecover Bleach | Seventh Generation Bleach | Biokleen Bleach Lowest Price Amazon: Detergent 1 | Detergent 2 | Detergent 3 | Detergent 4 Lowest Price Vitacost: Detergent 1 | Detergent 2 | Detergent 3 | Detergent 4


Small Spaces: Starting A Bohemian Bedroom Makeover

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and dedicated much energy to creating a sanctuary in my bedroom. Our bedroom should be a cozy space to re-energize. And I’m never anxious to spend any relaxing time in mine. I go in there just before bed, fall asleep and leave immediately in the morning. […]

The Global Styler: Moroccan Tile inlaid headboard DIY created by @adesignerathome

The Global Styler: Tiled Headboard

Bringing the global decor look to your home adds a richness that is unmatched. An appreciation for other cultures is unique to each person and bringing that interest to how you decorate makes the space more definitively yours. For me, I’ve always been obsessed with lanterns, embroidered fabrics, patterned tiles and weavings. Where in the […]

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Boho Area Rugs Under $150

Bohemian style interiors can seem expensive to achieve when you’re just diving in and looking at the sources for gorgeous inspo spaces. But boho in it’s roots is exactly the opposite. Let’s explore options for budget boho style together. Today, I’ve rounded up 8 x 10 area rugs for various different sub boho styles so […]

Encaustic tile look alike yard pavers and customized raised garden bed kit. Aqua yard details - @adesignerathome

DIY Encaustic Tile Look Alike Landscape Pavers

We are all loving the cement tile look right now. With retro, vintage and globally inspired designs, they truly are suited for a variety of spaces. Even though we’ve started seeing an influx of knock-offs hitting the scene, they can still be pricey when working within a tight budget. And there hasn’t been much to […]

My Budget Boho Window Curtains- Bohemian window treatments @adesignerathome

My Budget Boho Window Curtains

I receive a fair amount of comments on my Instagram from fellow boho babes wondering about the curtains I have hanging in my living room. Today, I’m going to answer the question in my quick and easy budget curtain resource guide. But before we jump into it, how much do you spend on curtains for […]

Wood Watches Under $35- wood watch styles for everyone

35 Wood Watches Under $35

It seems like the recent trend in fashion accessories are wood watches. The look is earthy and I love the boho vibe to it. Plus, any excuse to add in another cute piece of jewelry has me convinced to jump on the trend. But I’m a budget boho babe and I know y’all are, too. […]

Bohemian make it yourself: macrame hanging planter with video tutorial @adesignerathome

Braided Rope Plant Hanger

If you’re not yet making your own hanging planters, you need to be! They’re quite easy and inexpensive. I’ve made a variety of different hanging planters and today I’m going to show you my favorite one thus far. Minimalistic with boho flair using cotton rope and fringing out the ends makes for a really pretty […]

Encaustic tile look alike yard pavers and customized raised garden bed kit. Aqua yard details - @adesignerathome

Budget Curb Appeal Updates

I know that curb appeal is important, but I don’t generally act on that knowledge. And it’s not because we don’t spend time in our front yard. We actually spend tons of time there because my son enjoys having immediate access to greet all the neighbors. What seems to hold me back is the permanence […]


Vegan and Eco Friendly Sunscreen

There are a lot of helpful lists for finding products that are cruelty free. And others that are helpful in determining the environmental impact the product has on us and the planet. One of my favorite sources is the EWG.org website. Its even got a menu option after you’ve searched a brand to find out […]


Global Style Decor: Dining Edition

Welcome again for more global decor advice from myself and some favorite ladies as part of The Global Styler series. This month we are focusing on the dining experience. Because bringing in a total global experience can be expensive to start from scratch, I’m going to share my top favorite ways of bringing the style […]


Modern Succulent Wall Planter

Plants are in the limelight this year. Thanks to influencers embracing and promoting the plant collecting lifestyle, we are seeing more and more products available for housing our plants. I’ve admired vintage wall mounted brass planters but there are planters in other styles showing up too! The Apollo Box reached out to see if I’d […]


Boho Photo A Day Challenge

On June 1st, we’re going to begin our first official photo a day challenge. I know what you’re thinking, those can be difficult to keep up with. And yes, they can. The hardest ones I’ve tried to keep up with were either too vague for me to think of something to post or the overall […]