Mediterranean Influenced Bohemian Bathroom Remodel

I’m officially calling this space complete.

I’ll have photos of the space ASAP! My phone and camera are both busted. Come back soon for the reveal!


The tile on the wall of our tub goes all the way up to the ceiling because I just love that look. It’s inspired by tiles and shapes found in moroccan architecture and is appropriately called Marrakech Ceramic Mosaic Tile and it’s by Jeffrey Court, available at Home Depot. It’s a gorgeous tile and I love that the edges are raised for an especially unique look. Our contractor had a tiler that wasn’t as experienced as we really needed for such an intricate tile. So the work isn’t perfect and that shows with the dark grout we went with. In the future when time and budget allows, I’d like to regrout and go with a nice, crisp coordinating white. In the alcove is Archivo Fleur De Lis Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile by Merola. There’s a lot more terracotta “aging” look to these than I’d anticipated from photos and it wasn’t available to view in store. When time and money permits, I think I’ll swap this out with a white tile with white grout. Time and money, always need more of both right? Ha. And then the floor tile


I chose to go simple with the shelves. Spray painted IKEA shelving brackets with inexpensive common board lumber from The Home Depot gave me shelves to put pretties and storage onto.


The shower curtain The rugs


Shower & Sink

Vanity, Tub, Shower/Tub Faucet Sink Faucet


Towel Bars, Toilet paper holder, double shower curtain rod, soap holder, outlet cover, towels