13 Vintage Must Haves For Your Boho Bathroom

So far you guys have seen bits and pieces of my bathroom. I haven’t shared the whole space yet because there’s still a few final touches I’m dragging my feet on but the bathroom is functioning and all our things are organized. As I put away my toothbrush and deodorant away each day, I have […]

Rustic Boho Bathroom Mirror Sources

Making over a bathroom can be a lot of fun. If you’re working with a budget that allows you to change out cosmetic stuff, either just that or in conjunction with other changes, it opens up a whole world of possibilities in channeling your style into the space. Going with what you love can be […]

How To Start A Room Design

I’m not an interior designer. If you are, I envy you! It’s been a lifelong passion and I am so hopeful I’ll join your ranks one day. Until that happens though, I still want my house to be aesthetically pleasing to myself, my family and to others. I know there are things I don’t yet […]

“Greenery” Home Decor: Work The Trend

Amidst the chaos of the holidays, Pantone always releases the next year’s “Color Of The Year.” And I don’t pay much attention to it until everything dies down because I’m a normal person with priorities. Just kidding, I’ve just been busy with other things, like watching YouTube. But now that things have simmered down and […]

Ideas for refreshing every space of your home

Tuesday was reveal day for my and 12 other stylists, designers, and enthusiasts to share a space we’d been working on refreshing for the previous 3 weeks. There’s a plethora of styles and rooms of the house that have been refreshed so I wanted break down exactly what projects you can use to make a […]

Retro Inspired Bohemian $1000 Living Room Design

This $1,000 budget living room makeover  features one of the more expensive sofas from my favorite sofas under $500. Especially since at the time I’m pulling this mood board together, it’s no longer under $500. It’s still a neat sofa and I love the retro inspired shape. I wanted to try my hand and designing […]

$1000 Bohemian Living Room Design

As promised, I’m sharing a mood board for one of the 6 favorite sofas under $500 I shared last week. I’m going to start with one that Isn’t challenging color-wise, but rather the style itself may not be an obvious one to decorate boho with. Tufting and two toned piping and cushion fabric  lends itself […]

Sofas For Under $500

For the next few $1000 budget designs I’ll be sharing, They’ll be living rooms and I’ve budgeted half the total budget to the sofa. I’ve rounded up a few other options just in cases stock becomes unavailable or you just want to switch up the color/style a bit. Over the next 6 weeks, I’ll be […]

Bathroom Color Scheme

As I’m wrapping up the last few details of the bathroom remodel, I wanted to pop in and share with you an abstract view of the color scheme for the bathroom. Do you ever scroll pinterest and see those images where they’ve extracted colors from the image to make a color scheme? I wanted to […]

The Finishing Touches For A Global Boho Look

Welcome to the final post in the 4 week series of how to get the global boho look. The past three weeks, we’ve broken down some of the important layers of designing a space. Week 1 it was all about the foundation of building a room with furniture and how you can develop a global […]