Room Inspiration

Bohemian Interiors. They’re wicked cool no matter which way you do it. For me? I  like to use Teal as a neutral, rattan and wicker furniture, and a pop of retro midcentury. On this page you can find spaces I’ve designed with links to further information about them. So if you want to add a global, colorful flair to your next space, check out these rooms.

Living Room

This home has no grand porch nor entryway. Open the front door and you’re right in the living room. This space serves as a relaxing space, play space, work space and occasionally nap space. The room has plenty of windows that allow light to flood the room nearly all day which keeps the plants happy. A home with little architectural interest begged for a salvaged focal point and that’s exactly what the teal painted fireplace mantle and surround does. The room sets the tone for the rest of the home, lots of blues and greens, global and thrifted decor, second hand furniture and an emphasis on interesting art and textiles. This room is always ongoing in it’s makeovers.


In Progress. Coming Soon.

Dining Room

Less teal than I’d normally infuse in a space (but that’s not to say more won’t be coming in soon), this green and pink haven has become a favorite in the home. It’s full of windows and bright and warm in the late afternoons and evenings since the sun sets on this side. Comfortable chairs make everything from hanging out to eating a joy and a first time with wallpaper brings unique foliage in a small dose. A room that kept  going through different labels (family room, junk room, play room, lounge, junk room, etc) finally has a purpose and it utilized well. There is a part of the room that is awaiting a makeover to function as mudroom space, but that’s not happened in the budget yet. This room was completed in participation in the 2017 New Year New Room Refresh Challenge.


The hallway is a space that has very little light. The space is long with no windows, one light fixture positioned closer to one end than the other and there’s 7 doors. 3 bedroom doors, 1 bathroom door and 3 closet doors. It didn’t make much sense to spend an awful lot of money here. A good, stylish runner, some fabulous artwork and cali vibing paint colors gave the space some vibrancy and a design that flowed with the rest of the home. This space was completed as part of the $100 Room Makeover Challenge March 2017.


When you’re talking major renovations in a house 1200 square feet in a neighborhood where values aren’t exactly leaping up in value, you don’t really do too much other than to the bathroom and kitchen. The previous owner of the house did “work” on both but it was done in poor taste. The bathroom vanity was monstrous and you had to shuffle past it to get to the toilet. Tile was placed on top of tile and at the end of the day, it was decided that this space needed a facelift. Facelift turned into a lot more than a facelift when we looked at our loan and looked at the bathroom. We remembered every cold day of winter and came to the conclusion that it really needed more than pretty paint, a smaller vanity and tile installation. A $10,000 bathroom later, we have this beaut.


My bedroom is very small. It’s oftentimes intimidating for me to jump onto an inspiration platform like Pinterest or Instagram because the spaces seem so huge in comparison. Being the largest bedroom in the house, but no master closet nor bath, I just call this the main bedroom. This is the first room to be hit by morning sunlight and I’ve taken advantage of that by using curtains that let the light wake me up. It’s a very natural way of waking up each day and I feel like it’s good for my soul. This space was last completed in participation with the Spring 2017 One Room Challenge.

Kid’s Bedroom

In Progress. Coming Soon.

Guest Bedroom

In Progress. Coming Soon.


In Progress. Coming Soon.