Free Valentine’s Day Printable: I Naturally Select You

There’s just one week left until the beloved, or dreaded, Valentine’s holiday. If you like to give your friends, family and loved ones something a bit unique or you just have a great sense of humor, the cards at the store can fall a little flat (get it, because they’re paper and paper is flat? Ha… ha.)

So I whipped up a second printable for those of you who aren’t sure about my Turkish terms of endearment printables I shared yesterday. This one is for your Science nuts. I, for one, appreciate math and science to a pretty high degree. So I hope you will get the humor in this one!

Print it as a card, print it and frame it, or print a bunch of these to pass out to your coworkers. I’m sure everyone with get a good giggle out of it :)

free printable

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