Using Incense + Favorite Scents


I have been burning incense for the majority of my life. My mom always had eclectic things in the home and visited magic shops because of her fascination with faeries and dragons. Me? Not so much into those things, but while visiting those shops I found the incense and crystals. And I’ve been an avid collector and enjoyer ever since.

Using incense has become a bit of a fad in recent years with the rise in popularity with bohemianism. But they don’t go hand in hand. If you’re into bohemianism, you don’t have to utilize incense and vice versa. They make lovely alternatives to room sprays and candles, but if you’re a believer in having control over the energies around you, they’re also an amazing tool.


Here are some of my favorite ways of using incense:

To freshen the air in a space.

To replace candles for scent and ambiance.

To create an atmosphere for meditation or yoga

To encourage:

  • creativity
  • concentration
  • confidence
  • healing
  • a reduction in anxiety and tension
  • sleepiness or wakefulness


Frankincense: Predominately found in middle eastern trade history, this scent is complex with a dusty, aromatic pine and sweet lemon-orange. This scent is used to evoke calm and peacefulness.

Jasmine: a feminine floral scent with a warm, sensual note to it making it a masculine leaning floral smell. This scent promotes friendships through mental/emotional connections.

Nag Champa: the origin of this fragrance is Indian. The scent is a mixture of sandalwood and plumeria. This is classically a sacred incense and can be used in place of sandalwood.

Sandalwood: The less complex sister of nag champa, with only the earthy, smooth and spicy wood scent. It has religious importance in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Zoroastrians, and lesser known Chinese and Japansese religions. It’s often used to purify a space.

Tuberose: Tuberose quite literally embodies the smell of the flower, tuberose. It’s an exotic, sweet. floral smell. The plant is native to Mexico, but I cannot find origins on the incense itself. The incense is thought to ward off evil and negativity to restore happiness and harmony.

Whether you’re in it for the spirituality aspect or you just like the way they smell, incense can be a beneficial part of life that is worth exploring. Do you use incense? Let me know your favorites in the comments below.


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mini modern bohemian guide to using incense and favorite scents by thebohoabode


  1. Jill Catrinel says

    Happy to see incense love! I also got into it when I was much younger and my mom would take me out – for us, it was to head shops so I could check out the funky shoes and clothing. For younger me, it was easier on the wallet than scented candles, but older me still loves lighting a stick of jasmine for a quick scent fix.