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I’m back again for another installment of my budget boho series where I take a single item we would use in the decorating of a space and I show you all the available budget options for a variety of different styles of boho. Previously we covered budget friendly ways to bring suzani into the home. Today we will cover some beautiful boho shower curtains.

I believe choosing a shower curtain is so very important. You should spend a bit of time ensuring the one you choose will bring the right impact to the space. Because at the end of the day, it’s one of only a few ways to bring a textile experience to the space.

I’ve been using a tapestry that I cut to fit the width of the shower opening but It’s too long and starting to get discolored from getting stomped on/soaked and enduring the regular life a 5 year old throws at things. So I’m looking at switching out ours for one that is waterproof. I could throw the tapestry in the wash, but reviews say it removes the gold finish. I think it’s about time for change then.

Whether you’re the jungle vibing bohemian, the hippie bohemian, the ethereal bohemian or the global loving chic, I’ve hopefully included something you’re going to love here.

Budget Boho Shower Curtains


Teal Paisley | Patchwork | Diamond Design | Taupe/Ivory


Jungle Leaves | Colorful Southwestern | Moon Phases | Medallioncurtain3

Hamsa | Plum Mandela | Banana Leaf | Turquoise/Tangerine

If you’ve got a bit more spending money, these shower curtains lend something a little extra special, plus they support artists directly.  I also feel like some of these have a more anthro feel to them and are unique.


Indie Forest | Mirrored Garden | Bright Floral | Ethereal


Moon Phases | Tropical | Black & White | Shibori


Hamsa | Garden | Indigo Flower |  Moon Flowers

If you’re not yet using a printed shower curtain, you’re missing out on an opportunity to bring style to the space. Bring a splash of color, a touch of pattern or choose a curtain that extends the vibe from the rest of your home. Boho shower curtains are specifically made for wet spaces and most are designed to resist mold growth, too. So where we would go crazy with whatever we want for curtains anywhere else in the home, these are perfect for what they’re sold for. I’m excited to get a new shower curtain in my bathroom and will show pictures as soon as it arrives!

If you’ve got a fabulous shower curtain, or upgrade yours to something cute soon, share pics with #showmeyourboho so I can see them!

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