Pom Pom Basket Planter

A room makeover just wouldn’t be a room makeover with my friends and I getting a little DIY on. For my space, the dining room, I’ve been doing some wallpapering. It’s time consuming and tough work so I’ve taken an easy approach to most everything else. Just to add a little whimsical fun to the space, I knew a simple DIY pompom basket planter was the perfect project to take on.

How To Make A Pompom Basket


Pompom trim

Woven basket

Hot glue gun


1. Wrap the Pompom trim around the basket and cut to fit. Repeat as many times as needed for the number of rows desired.

2. Place a small dot of hot glue onto the basket and press the end of the trim into the glue. Glue down trim working all the way around the basket every 2-3 inches.

3. Glue remaining end to sit flush against the start of the piece.

4. Repeat as many times as needed to give the basket all the Pompom effect needed.





And, of course, nothing wraps up a fun little DIY session much like loving on my furry pup. If you don’t have a furry companion to love on after you complete your project, you can always just give yourself a pat on the back. ?

Anyways, here’s how my pompom basket planter turned out:

Simple DIY pompom basket tutorial

Simple DIY pompom basket tutorial

Simple DIY pompom basket tutorial

Don’t forget! This DIY is our 3rd check in for The New Year New Room Refresh Challenge hosted by Stephanie of Casa Watkins Living. Next week we will reveal our spaces and a link up will be open for anyone who’s refreshed a space to link up!

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