The Global Styler: Indian Inlay Inspired Picture Frame DIY


Welcome to another edition of “The Global Styler” where your hosts created or share tips inspired by global designs. This month we’re tackling greenery. Trending with the jungalicious movement, the color and lifestyle are vibrant, lively and perfect for my boho love.

Green: Pantone’s color of the year, in line with St. Patrick’s Day this month and just a fabulous color to decorate with. Let’s dive into this…

the more you know

In case you’re unfamiliar with bone or mother of pearl inlay furniture, here’s a little back story. Bone inlay furniture originated in Asia and Africa and is also called intarsia. Originally only found in the wealthiest of homes because of the lengthy process of hand carving and embedding each piece of bone or mother of pearl.

Nowadays the price has come down due to and tool advancements but is still made by hand, therefore still much pricier than your run of the mill wood piece of furniture. If, like myself, you opt to stay away from animal products in your purchases, you can choose mother of pearl instead of bone which is just a mineral created by abalones and oysters.

Actual inlaid pieces of furniture are beautiful and justly expensive but the look can be created with paint and stencils for a low cost way to add a global style to your space.


frame herb cornucopia mandala


  1. disassemble frame and set aside glass, mat and backing
  2. lightly sand the picture frame
  3. spray an even coat of primer over the whole frame (allow to dry)
  4. paint 2-3 coats of green paint over frame (allowing coats to dry between layers)
  5. mix glossy white paint with a pearl paint
  6. line up the parts of the stencil you want to use over the frame
  7. dab, dab, dab the glossy pearl paint over the parts of the stencil you want stenciled (allow to dry)
  8. use a detail brush to add extra pearl paint over the stenciled designs (allow to dry)
  9. reassemble frame
  10. display




Using The Trend: Greenery. Globally inspired jungalicious home decor DIY- Faux Bone Inlay Picture Frame tutorial



In a single afternoon, including dry time, you can have a one of a kind unique hand painted frame. For a fraction of the price, bring a little green and global influence into your decor.


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  1. says

    I enjoyed learned the history of mother of pearl inlay and absolutely love your color choice and pattern for your frame! I would love to try this look.

  2. says

    This is so you! I love the hue of green you chose and the faux inlay look is so classic! I love it! It reminds me of a set of bone inlay frames I purchased back in college.