Hanging Decorative Tiles The Stress Free Way

Displaying decorative tiles in your home is just one more way you can add color, texture, pattern and interest. Many of us immediately equate tiles with a permanent fixture though. And that’s really not the case. You can display them as decor much like you would plates or baskets. Especially intricate, handcrafted tiles. Simply hanging them sounds great until you realize they don’t have built in hardware for hanging.

Some Solutions:

  • Easel on a surface
  • Plate hangers
  • Double sided tape
  • Hanging hardware & a heavy duty adhesive

These solutions didn’t quite jive with me and I’ll briefly explain why. I haven’t found an easel that I like. Double sided tape will destroy the wall and could fail. And I didn’t want to make any permanent changes to the tiles like gluing hardware to it.

Of the proposed solutions on my internet search, the plate hangers seemed the most promising. But I’m concerned that bending the plate hanger to fit the thickness of a tile may not work out as well as I’d hope. I had an idea that wouldn’t cost me anything- jute twine!

Here’s a very quick video demonstrating how I used the jute to securely hold the plate.

The jute adds even more texture. I had it on hand. It’s a long lasting solution that’s painlessly reversible. It almost frames the tile and I really like the way that looks.

The Frida tile was a gift from my friend at The Cozy Casita. She’s the one who made the tiled tray I’ve told you guys about before. And the smaller tile with the blue bird was won in a small giveaway hosted by Desha Peacock on Instagram. You can check out Etsy for pretty decorative tiles or check out local ReStores for tiles that have been salvaged.

Also, I think this is a good way to distract from tiles in a bathroom/kitchen that aren’t looking so pretty or your style. Hang a couple over top older/boring tiles. Or as a pseudo backsplash if you rent or don’t have the budget to install a backsplash in a backsplash-less space.

Well, that’s all my thoughts on this project. Let me know if you have any other ideas for hanging tiles in the comments below. And help me out by sharing this post!