How To Remove Bushes

It’s been a week since I announced my participation and plans for a curb appeal themed challenge. My curb appeal sucks. And so I’m hoping to do my best to get the area looking as better as I can get it in a matter of a few weeks.

It’s been raining nearly nonstop since last Tuesday. What a bummer! We did manage to get the bushes removed. It’s strange how much bigger the house looks without them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a small house at 1,200 square feet, but it’s a strange illusion nonetheless.

Since there hasn’t been a whole lot else going on besides removing the bushes, I figured I ought to share exactly how we did it. We knocked out 6 bushes and 4 trees in less than an hour (we only removed half the stumps though, so there’s that additional time we still have to put in). There was a lot of sweat, so the rain shower we received just after was welcomed.

How To Remove Bushes:

These bushes were shockingly massive. It took taking them out and seeing how much yard they took up to see just how big they really were.

First, we used bypass loppers to expose the base of each bush. The branches were long do to make it easier to cut through the base of each bush, we used the loppers to cut off the lower branches so we could reach with the reciprocating saw.

Once the trunk was exposed we cut through it with a reciprocating saw (as I just mentioned). This just helped us cut down on the amount of branches we had to work around to get to the trunk.

Then using a digging shovel we worked our way around the base of each bush, occasionally pulling out the axe to cut through especially thick roots.

The rain was coming back over us so we only did the side we plan on doing the patio. But here’s the before and after!

How To Remove Bushes Expand your landscaping and curb appeal options by removing old unruly bushes

In The Next Week:

What I hope to accomplish this next week is getting the patio set up. I’m not following traditional instructions for getting this put in because I’m lazy and our soil is tough with very thick grass.

The plan is to use these two products:

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I’m also hoping to get a tree planted on the other side of the yard, a new mailbox installed, and I want to start working on a cute house number + planter project. Still lots to go! Pray this rain lets up for me, will ya?

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  1. says

    I bet that was a lot of work to remove the bushes – I just layed down some mulch and I was beat! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. says

    Congrats on removing the bushes — such a big project! I don’t know if I would have tried to attempt that. Congrats!

  3. says

    That must have been some job removing the bushes and I applaude you for getting the job done with those tools! Its going to look amazing when its all done, are those stepping stones that you will stencil for patio?

  4. says

    Great job getting those bushes out Corinna! Having to remove overgrown bushes is no easy task!!! Can’t wait to see the patio you have planned! Hope you are having a great week and take care, Tara

  5. says

    Wow! That is a crazy difference – those bushes were huge, and you’re right, it does make the house and yard look larger! I was removing and moving shrubs this week as well so I feel your pain! I can’t wait to see the new patio!

  6. says

    WOW! You did an amazing job at getting those bushes out! They are huge! We have a bush that is more than half dead and I am actually going to call around to see if we can have someone take it out for us… my husband just does not want to do it (nor do I!). Hoping it won’t be too expensive!