Mystery Thrift Find Makeovers aka #swapitlikeitshot

Hello! It’s the most wonderful time of year for bloggers and thrift lovers- #SwapItLikeItsHot. Coordinated and hosted by the incredible Charlotte of Ciburbanity. Yesterday I shared a small sneak peek into one of the makeovers I’m sharing today. If you’re stopping in from Cassie, Primitive and Proper, welcome! I love Cassie. She’s such a sweet person and I am so lucky to call her a friend. She thoughtfully pulled together 2 care packages of items for me to makeover.

random thrift scores

She’s knows me pretty well at this point. We’ve cohosted #thriftscorethursday every thursday for well over a year. So she knows I like woven things, brass things, vintage things and shells. I’m super proud to say I didn’t spend a single dime on makeovers this time around! Except that means I hoard too many craft things :/

First thing I’ll share is something I didn’t even makeover. I thought about trying to polish up the brass a bit but I couldn’t make myself do it. I love the old aged look to it too much. It fits in perfectly with the bathroom I’ve been in the process of renovating and making over since last Fall.

Next up is the seashell chandelier. It was missing quite a few pieces and many of the shells were broken. I could’ve done many other things with the base and individual shells but I really wanted to set out to revive a bit of life back into the piece.

I had just picked up a random-stuffed craft bag from the thrift store and it had a jewelry box with turquoise beads. That paired with leftover thread from my sunshower art piece and old beads and shells from my collection, I added a hanger and a second tier of smaller shells below the flower shaped clusters.

seashell mobile

broken thrift store seashell mobile

madeover seashell mobile from thrift store to pretty

The final piece I made over actually turned into a couple of makeovers. The basket was in great shape and I loved that it was lidded, but I don’t have a whole lot of need for a lidded basket this size so I took it apart.

basic basket

Makeover 1: A tray for bills (and everything else we can manage to cram atop it)

tray for bills (or pretty things)

Makeover 2: A towel caddy for the bathroom with mexican blanket inspired paint job

basic basket to mexican blanket inspired towel caddy

Makeover 3: A baby wall hanging. The shape was too neat to pass up the opportunity to do something a little fun with it.

wall hanging from basket hardware - a designer at home

And, I’m so embarrassed to admit this, I had the brass champagne glass sitting on a table in my living room and after my kid played with it- it went missing! So she sent me that really neat piece that I didn’t have any ideas for and can’t find right now to share a picture #oops

This event works round robin style. Your next stop on this trail of epic surprise thrift store makeovers is BrePurposed. Bre has such a cool vibe to her pieces. I kinda sent her a box of a lot of random things (I can’t help but pick up those catch all craft bags they throw together!). See Bre’s #SwapItLikeItsHot makeover here.

I may not have been as inventive as many of the other participants- seriously check ’em all out! They’re listed below! But I’m so happy with my pieces and they’ll actually get a ton of love in my home!

A Designer At Home - Share this post
surprise thrift items in the mail transformed to epic decor


  1. says

    corinna!!!!!! i am BLOWN away with what you did! WOW! i am so glad you were able to revive the shell mobile… it was too cool and the turquoise is so perfect on it! and the basket- KILLER!!! everything is perfect!

  2. says

    You slayed this challenge! The seashell chime/mobile is something you see in magazines! Great job. Bye, I would have done the same thing with the soap dish.

  3. says

    Dang girl you really rocked those pieces. I really like the bead colors you chose for the chandelier makeover. Such a creative idea to dissect the basket and transform it into three perfect pieces– especially digging the painted basket!!

  4. says

    The hanging shells are so wonderful! Also LOOOVING the Mexican painted basket… what a great way to jazz up a regular ol’ basket. Stealing that one. xx

  5. says

    The brass soap dish had me at hello. I love that you didn’t mess with it. Lucky you, it totally goes will in your bathroom. And that towel basket! Adorable paint job. Awesome job!

  6. says

    These are so fun! You really did some awesome makeovers with those finds! I love the seashell hanging with the new turquoise beads – sooo pretty! And of course the brass soap dish is fantastic!