Millennial Pink Prints


Have you heard about it? Millennial pink? Apparently it’s all the rage right now. And thankfully the effect of being the last person to hear about and look into a trend means that all the gorgeous inspo is already laid out in front of me.

But, isn’t millennial pink just last year’s Pantone’s rose quartz? That’s what I thought when I started seeing inspiration amongst the internet, but it looks like millennial pink means something different to a lot of people. Maybe rose quartz with a touch of peach?

Who knows exactly what this color is supposed to be. What I do know is that the colors I’ve seen labelled as millennial pink are quite beautiful and fit right in with the kilim and rose gold craze. So let’s dive into some free to download and print art to bring that color into your interiors.

Johannes Wredenmark

Andrew Small

Craig Strahorn

Ryan Booth

Lyndsey B

VIA Jeffrey Betts on MMT


BY: Jeffrey Betts on MMT

BY: Ales Krivec

Hopefully there’s enough variation in pinky colors there so that everyone can get there hand on a little millennial pink art. Click the photo you like, save it to your computer, print from home or send to a printing service, frame and hang! Instant trendy style on a budget 😉

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