Latest Boho Must Haves

Boho Decor - a maximalist in the making's must haves

I’ve been crushing on a few particular pieces for boho decorating lately so I thought I’d pull together some of my favorite items to inspire you to play around with your current decor. A lot of my decorating stems from gathering and collections. I like a mash-up of different styles and stories so the decor I gravitate towards changes and lends itself well to a maximalist in the making style.

Imari Ceramics:

Chinoiserie is a must have. But more specifically I’ve been crushing on Imari style porcelain. From insanely decorated plates to vases and more, these look great hung on a wall, styled on a shelf, and displayed in a cabinet.

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African Mudcloth:

If you can get your hands on real African mud cloth, definitely snatch it up. Also a super versatile favorite of mine lately. Sewn into a pillow, it makes a great pop on a sofa. Draped over a chair it gives a neutral global look to a space. Try draping it over an older chair to give it new life without a reupholstery job or tack to a wall for beautiful wall art.

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Mexican Blankets:

Mexican blankets are woven, they have fringe, they have beautiful colors and are so versatile. Use them as a rug, a tablecloth, a throw blanket or wall art. They’re much cheaper than kilims, and they are much thinner, but you get the same punch of color, interest, and texture.

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Mix Matched Furniture Styles:

This boho element I was incredibly resistant to for the longest time. I loved my midcentury and I didn’t want to let go. I’ve always loved rattan, but I didn’t think it would pair well. Listen to Nike and “Just Do It.” Seriously. Mixed decor and furniture periods is eclectic and beautiful. It’s also freeing because you’ll have the power to look at any piece of furniture as a candidate for your space.

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Patterned Tiles:

I resisted this, too, inititally. I worried it would dramatically affect the resale value of our home. But I just can’t. It’s so fitting for my style. And it fits into most design styles seamlessly. Most of us aren’t going to tile every surface in it’s entirety with in since it’s expensive and busy. But a little pop in a shower alcove, inset above a stove, or around a fireplace is the perfect interesting touch.

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Add these elements to your boho home and you’re sure to love their impact. Color and pattern are quintessential to bohemian decor, but even if full blown bohemian isn’t your style, these pieces will add an interest to your home that you’re sure to love. Color, pattern, texture- they’re all perfect home decor accessories.