February #showmeyourboho Photo A Day Challenge

February Photo A Day Challenge #showmeyourboho Host: @thebohoabode Official: @showmeyourboho

Greetings! Are you having fun with the bohemian prompt inspired January photo a day challenge? Let’s keep going for the rest of the year! I’ve curated prompts for the month of February and I hope you enjoy them.

This time the #showmeyourboho official account, @showmeyourboho, will announce the theme each morning to make it easy keeping up with the prompts. You can turn on notification for that account to get the update and that way you can plan your photo, choose from photos you already have on hand or just skip if you’re not feeling inspired by the theme. Then, later that day I’ll choose a photo from someone playing along to repost and share the insta love on.

Days 3, 10, 17 and 24 are designed as days that you can repost someone else to share the insta love on. If that’s not your jam- don’t feel forced. You can interpret the theme in another way if you want.

January was the launch of daily support threads in our Bohemian Interiors Facebook group. If you’re playing along with the challenge, we welcome you to grab the link for your post and leave it in a comment on our dedicated threads. The tribe will love on your post and you have the chance to love on theirs, too. We also welcome you to bring your questions and ideas to the group. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation!

In the past, I’ve given you ideas on what to post in the blog post announcement for the upcoming theme. I want to leave a bit more creativity in your hands this time so I’ll refrain from explaining why I chose each theme and I’ll just let you read it as you will.

I’ve got to admit, this has been quite the challenge for me! I started out taking photos a day in advance. But I fell behind one day and even missed taking a photo until I’d lost daylight and ended up with a photo I wasn’t thrilled with. But, it’s a good exercise in being realistic. I find myself taking Instagram too seriously sometimes and I miss out on the fun of it when I do that. Let’s have fun this February, okay?