Crushing On: Mexican Blankets aka Serape

Decor Obsession Mexican Blankets are versatile and beautiful. Add beautiful color and texture to your decor.

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since we’ve explored something I’m crushing on so I figured today would be a great day to do one. Right now I am crushing on Mexican blankets. The colors and the woven texture are a huge win in my book for decorating with. They’ve got a lot of the things I love about kilims without the hefty price tag.

3 ways to style with mexican blankets

Hung As Wall Art


Draped Over Furniture




On The Floor:


Mexicana Infusion via Merry Pad

Mexicana Infusion via Merry Pad




Get The Look:

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I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful and inspiring. I sure want to throw a mexican blanket onto every surface of my home at this point. I would love to see how you’re using mexican blankets in your decor. I’m on Instagram, @adesignerathome, so tag me!