Cinnamon Owl Ornaments Tutorial

These smell incredible- even years later! Cinnamon Scented Owl Holiday Ornament Tutorial.

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Today I have a fun Christmas ornament DIY to share with you. These smell amazing, they’re fun to make, and they make for a cute addition to your tree. At the end of this post you’re also going to find a plethora of Holiday ideas as part of the Home for Christmas blog hop hosted by and, so stay tuned and check them out!

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cinnamon owl holiday ornament tutorial

Cinnamon Owl Ornaments Tutorial

Here’s how to make adorable and delicious smelling owl ornaments. Do you like dollar store crafts? I hope so! You’ll need applesauce ($1 for a pack of 4, you only need 1 pack!), ground cinnamon (I used about 1.5 bottles at $1 each), and craft glue ($1 for a pack of two, you’ll have nearly an entire bottle leftover!).

The Dough: Combine 1 pack of applesauce and 1 cup ground cinnamon. Mix in 1/2 cup craft glue. Let sit until dough starts to toughen (about an hour).

Cinnamon Dough for Ornaments


Start pulling small chunks off the dough and form into balls. Here’s where I show you how “innovative” I am. I don’t own a rolling pin, so I used a nearby Yankee candle to roll out my chunk of dough. I don’t own cookie cutters, so I used the rim of the candle holder to cut out circles.

how to make cinnamon owl ornaments

Folding cinnamon dough for owl ornaments


Using the cap of a marker, or side of a spoon, press it into the dough to create indents to mimic feathers. Then fold over the two sides of the circle to create “wings” and fold the top of the circle over to create the “head.” Use the head of the marker to create the eyes and the tip of the marker to create the pupils. Then create a little triangle for the nose. I had to do some adjusting and smoothing to get them looking just right, so work with it until you’re satisfied.

Take metal ornament hangers, straighten one of the hooks into an “L,”  and press them into the dough.

Set them on a cookie drying rack for 24 hours, flipping occasionally.

handmade cinnamon ornament army- tutorial via A Designer At Home!

handmade cinnamon ornament army- tutorial via A Designer At Home!

If you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, please give it a share. Your friends will probably enjoy making some, too! The dough works with cookie cutters, too. So have fun and create what works for the theme of your tree.

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  1. Rebecca B says

    We were just talking about alternatives to gingerbread for houses and this was my suggestion. I love that it came up in my feed the same day. I love the owls, so cute!!

  2. Kitty says

    Please, how much applesauce is in one “pack”? 8 Oz cup? 500 grams? A litre? A pack isn’t a standard measure!

  3. Phyllis Bachinski says

    Love this idea an after school project! How many owl ornaments can be made from one recipe?

  4. Turtle says

    Exactly what I was looking for! But how much is “a pack” of applesauce? Equal to amount of cinnamon?
    I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts; I seè I have quite a backlog!