Braided Rope Plant Hanger

If you’re not yet making your own hanging planters, you need to be! They’re quite easy and inexpensive. I’ve made a variety of different hanging planters and today I’m going to show you my favorite one thus far. Minimalistic with boho flair using cotton rope and fringing out the ends makes for a really pretty […]

Budget Curb Appeal Updates

I know that curb appeal is important, but I don’t generally act on that knowledge. And it’s not because we don’t spend time in our front yard. We actually spend tons of time there because my son enjoys having immediate access to greet all the neighbors. What seems to hold me back is the permanence […]

Vegan and Eco Friendly Sunscreen

There are a lot of helpful lists for finding products that are cruelty free. And others that are helpful in determining the environmental impact the product has on us and the planet. One of my favorite sources is the website. Its even got a menu option after you’ve searched a brand to find out […]

Global Style Decor: Dining Edition

Welcome again for more global decor advice from myself and some favorite ladies as part of The Global Styler series. This month we are focusing on the dining experience. Because bringing in a total global experience can be expensive to start from scratch, I’m going to share my top favorite ways of bringing the style […]

Modern Succulent Wall Planter

Plants are in the limelight this year. Thanks to influencers embracing and promoting the plant collecting lifestyle, we are seeing more and more products available for housing our plants. I’ve admired vintage wall mounted brass planters but there are planters in other styles showing up too! The Apollo Box reached out to see if I’d […]

Boho Photo A Day Challenge

On June 1st, we’re going to begin our first official photo a day challenge. I know what you’re thinking, those can be difficult to keep up with. And yes, they can. The hardest ones I’ve tried to keep up with were either too vague for me to think of something to post or the overall […]

What To Decorate With For Boho Style

For years now I’ve come back to using the same types of items to decorate spaces. They’re a harmonious combination of items that look good in every space. They’re my favorites and I think it would be helpful to give you a list of those favorites in case you’re struggling with decorating, or you’re just […]

My Vintage, Global Bohemian Home Style Mix

Not one person’s home is truly just one style. Right? Besides spaces specifically designed to emulate a specific -esign style, there are influences from other styles in all of our spaces. My home encompasses inspiration from multiple vintage eras, many different areas around the world and it all falls under the very loose bohemian style. […]

Hanging Decorative Tiles The Stress Free Way

Displaying decorative tiles in your home is just one more way you can add color, texture, pattern and interest. Many of us immediately equate tiles with a permanent fixture though. And that’s really not the case. You can display them as decor much like you would plates or baskets. Especially intricate, handcrafted tiles. Simply hanging […]

My Husband & My Vegan & Cruelty Free Ulta Haul

I try to lead a cruelty free, eco-friendly home. And that means I spend some time researching brands and ingredients to see if they will work for us. If you’re new here, There’s myself (27), my husband (28) and our son (5). My husband has psoriasis but otherwise normal skin with breakouts on his back. […]