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Statement Mirrors. We put them in every room of those house. Statement mirrors are popularly used above buffets, behind sofas, over dressers and fireplace mantles. But one place I don’t often see a statement mirror is in the bathroom. And I find that fascinatingly odd because the mirror is the one and only necessary art piece in the room. Especially if you own your house, I have to give you the biggest encouraging thumbs up to go for the mirror of your design dreams. Because you can always take it with you when you move and use it in your new bathroom or another room.


Ditch the complicated gallery wall. Go with a sophisticated large scale mirror to fill your wall space.

Previously in my bathroom I had a statement mirror. It was a moroccan style mirror and it’s gorgeous. I’m definitely not getting rid of it, just using it elsewhere in the house. It just didn’t have the “wow” factor the space really needed. So when a PR rep reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the Lanai Mirror from Serena & Lily, I restrained myself from saying “heck yes!” and agreed in a slightly more professional manner. The mirror was sent to me free of charge. I want to disclose that up front.

the more you know

So, here are my thoughts:

This mirror is heavy. And as a result, it needs to be packaged well to prevent it from being damaged in transit. Thankfully, the mirror came packaged in a careful and thoughtful manner. All of the bamboo that sticks out had specially shaped pieces of foam around them to ensure the mirror truly stayed in place and cushioned on it’s way here.

But really, that’s the boring stuff. If you want to know what I think of a $400 mirror, you probably want to know about the mirror, amiright? Like I said, it’s heavy. And that’s because the bamboo is real, lacquered bamboo. It is not plastic, it is not dried out, hollowed out, cheap pieces of bamboo. The lattice, interlocking design goes overtop a single piece of mirror. It’s not a bunch of small mirrors cut to fit in all the little cavities. I was very, very dissapointed with a mirror I bought from a popular flash sale site years ago that did that. When the cheaper route is taken and the mirror is not solid with the design resting overtop it, the image in the mirror is distorted. Plus, all those extra grooves make dust collection inevitable and impossible to clean. Also, the backing is more than just cheap MDF stapled on. This mirror is quality.

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It’s really freaking pretty. Like, you guys. Really. It’s a warm and lively raw bamboo finish. The mirror itself is of really good quality. The interlocking bamboo pieces are done in a way that looks seamless (and they’re spliced and connected in a way that it won’t ever come loose).

Oh, it can also be hung vertically and horizontally. There is strong hardware on the back to hang it both ways.

Would I buy this mirror? Yes. I have spent this amount of money on a mirror before. And I absolutely, in my mirror buying experiences, beleive this to be worth the money.


Now, I’m not a salesman. But if a tropical vibe is your thing and you’re in the market for a gorgeous mirror, you can buy it here. I couldn’t find where they participate in rebate sites like, but when I went looking for coupon codes, I found that they have a refer a friend program. So if you’d like 20% off (that’s almost $80 off!), here’s the special link. And you can sign up to refer friends as well and get rewarded (I’m not sure what the reward is yet since that part was vague when I got the link). Then once you’re on the site you can just search “Lanai Mirror.” Either way you shop, if you shop, it’s a good mirror that I think a lot of you would like.

Let me know if you enjoyed this review, if you have questions and if you’d like to see more reviews by leaving me a comment below. Be well and I’ll chat with you again soon.

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