Bohemian Dining Room Lighting

When aiming to add bohemian flair to a dining space through lighting, it can be hard to pinpoint what styles will enhance this design goal. Bohemian encompasses such a large array of styles and that in itself makes choosing a particular direction to go in kind of difficult. When I think bohemian lighting, I think of a couple different separate categories: Rustic, Romantic and Vintage vibes. So depending on what all you have going on in your space, one of those categories will hopefully find you the perfect light.

Dining Table Lighting for the chic bohemian: rustic, romantic and vintage vibes courtesy of ADesignerAtHome

I kept all of the lights I chose to feature under $500 because it feels like a good kind of high but not extravagant budget. Lighting really sets the tone for a dining space so it can be good to budget a bit more of the budget for it’s impact. That’ll totally be up to you, but know that none of these are over $500.



Antique Chandelier | Drum Pendant | 6-Light Chandelier | Brass Pendant



Olive Bronze Chandelier | Antique Gold Pendant | Brass And Crystal Chandelier | Bronze Pendant



Bronze Pendant | Brass Cut Out Pendant | Industrial Farmhouse Pendant | Gold Leaf Pendant


What do you think? What comes to mind when you’re thinking of bohemian lighting? Especially for a space like a dining room. Since they can be such a formal space, it makes infusing the relaxed vibes of bohemianism a bit more tricky. But that’s why I’d love to hear your thoughts! Chime in, comment section below 😉